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......@@ -6,12 +6,35 @@ This is useful when there are for users that gains project-level permissions. Th
Another user can have global role of administrator and can gain access to all projects without need of being part of a project.
`master` is replicated from [Grifart GitLab]( back to [github fork](
## Further sources
- Matej's talk:
- Matej's example repo:
- CampApp issue:
- Mango web more complete implementation:
- Grifart fork:
- Grifart fork: [gitlab](, [github](
# Contributing
This repository is fork of [mangoweb-backend/authorization](
Primary development place is []( `master` is automatically replicated back to [github:grifart/manogweb-backend-authorization](
## Submitting contribution into fork
### Internal contributions
Use GitLab and open merge request, target: `master`. After merge it will be automatically propagated to GitHub.
### External contributions
**External developers:** Use GitHub, open pull request targeting [our master `master`](
**Internal reviewer and maintainer:**
- fetch changes to local repo
- then merge into local `master`
- push local master into `gitlab/master` (this will be automatically propagated to GitHub)
- remove branches that are not needed anymore
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