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Update checkThatScaffoldedFilesWasNotOverriden.php

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$isGitRepoClean = static fn(): bool => shell_exec('git status --porcelain') === NULL;
$stash = static fn() => shell_exec('git stash');
$unstash = static fn() => shell_exec('git stash pop');
shell_exec('composer run scaffold');
$failed = !$isGitRepoClean();
if ($failed) {
echo 'You have made following changes in generated files,'
. 'consider excluding them from .definition.php file '
. 'or reconfiguring class definition:';
echo shell_exec('git diff --color');
} else {
echo "Nice! It looks like all generated files are up-to-date!\n";
// clean the mess
shell_exec('git reset --hard HEAD');
exit($failed ? 1 : 0);
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