Commit ba7fecd4 authored by Jan Kuchař's avatar Jan Kuchař

failing test: handle mixed key type (throw exception?)

parent 4c66fedf
<?php declare(strict_types=1);
use Grifart\Enum\MissingValueDeclarationException;
require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php';
* @method static EnumMixedKeys VALUE_STRING()
* @method static EnumMixedKeys VALUE_INT()
class EnumMixedKeys extends \Grifart\Enum\Enum
use Grifart\Enum\AutoInstances;
private const VALUE_STRING = '1';
private const VALUE_INT = 1;
EnumMixedKeys::VALUE_INT() === EnumMixedKeys::VALUE_STRING()
\Tester\Assert::false(EnumMixedKeys::VALUE_INT() == EnumMixedKeys::VALUE_STRING());
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