Commit 86fbe4c4 authored by Jan Kuchař's avatar Jan Kuchař

non-strict comparison test: array_intersect

parent f94b4927
......@@ -65,3 +65,24 @@ Assert::false(
in_array(Enum1::VALUE1(), [ Enum1::VALUE2(), 'no-match' ], false),
'List of enums doesnt contain item - loose check'
* @method static Enum2 ONE()
* @method static Enum2 TWO()
* @method static Enum2 THREE()
final class Enum2 extends \Grifart\Enum\Enum
use Grifart\Enum\AutoInstances;
protected const ONE = 'value1';
protected const TWO = 'value2';
protected const THREE = 'value3';
// array_intersect
$first_array = [Enum2::ONE(), Enum2::TWO()];
$second_array = [Enum2::TWO(), Enum2::THREE()];
Assert::equal([Enum2::TWO()], array_values(array_intersect($first_array, $second_array)));
Assert::equal([Enum2::TWO()], array_values(array_intersect($second_array, $first_array)));
Assert::equal($first_array, array_values(array_intersect($first_array, $first_array)));
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